3 tablespoons butter

1 large onion, diced

1 red bell pepper cut into strips

1 cup roasted or baked potatoes, chopped into bite size pieces

4 Italian sausages, sliced or ½ cup cooked bacon, chopped

2 cups baby spinach leaves, packed

8 large eggs

¼ cup parmesan cheese

1 ½ cups shredded cheese (cheddar, Swiss, jack, etc…)

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped

½ cup grape tomatoes cut in half


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.


In a large non-stick, oven proof skillet, melt the butter over medium heat and sauté onion, pepper, potatoes, and sausage until fragrant and lightly browned.  Stir in spinach until wilted.


In a large bowl beat the eggs and mix in the parmesan and 1 cup of the shredded cheese, salt, and black pepper.  Pour the egg mixture in the frying pan to evenly cover the veggies and sausage.  Continue to cook over medium heat until the edges of the egg are cooked and the center begins to set, about 5 minutes.  Sprinkle the remaining cheese and parsley over the top and arrange tomato halves in a pretty pattern.  Transfer to oven and cook for another 15-20 minutes until top is puffed and lightly browned and the egg mixture is set in the center.


Remove from oven and let cool for 5-10 minutes.  Slide out of the pan onto a cutting board.  Cut into wedges and devour!


You can put just about anything in a frittata!  It is a great way to use leftovers in your fridge!  When I created the recipe above I had leftover roasted red potatoes and corn (from a pork chop dinner), sausage and peppers and a cheese platter (from a football tailgate party! Voila!  A delicious breakfast on a snowy day!